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Agence France Presse quoted from the latest report that the increase of global smartphone in 2016 will slow down. Apple may experience the decline for iPhone sales for the first time.

IDC predicted that the sales volume of global smartphones in 2016 will only increase by 3.1%, up to 1.48 billion units. The increase rate for global smartphones in 2015 was 10.5%.

IDC claimed that the American, European and Chinese markets will encounter low single digit growth, while Japanese and Canadian markets will respectively decline by 6.4% and 6.9 %.

The reason for the low growth of smartphone sales is that the mass markets become saturated. Consumers will continually use their old cellphones if they are unable to get subsidies from operators to purchase a new smartphone.

IDC Ryan Reith claimed consumers wish to know where and by any means to purchase smartphones. It indicated that consumers could purchase new smartphones from manufacturers or online shopping malls instead of from operators.

Reith stated that consumers have rights to choose their favoriate bands and make bargaining at stores.

The report showed that GoogleAndroid devices will keep in the leading role in global smartphone market this year. Its sales volume accounts for 84% of global smartphone sales volume.

To conclude, Apple iPhone will encounter the first decline for sales volume this year. IDC assumed its sales will decline by 2%, down to 227 million units.

However, IDC predicted the sales of iPhone will grow again in 2017, benefiting from the release of iPhone SE.

Whats more, Windows Phone user share will decline as well as Microsoft turned its focus on other project. The report pointed out the user share of Windows Phone in 2016 is only 0.8%.

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