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Is it Safe to uninstall Intel Management Engine Components?

“Hi, the package in the title is one of the last things I haven't uninstalled from my XPS. I did some reading up on it and it seems like something I can safely uninstall, but there was also some conflicting information, so I figured I'd ask here: is this safe to remove Intel Management Engine Components? Have you actually done so without consequence? Any cons to doing so? Could you tell me how to uninstall it safely & completely from computer?”

What is Intel Management Engine Components

The Intel Management Engine has been included on Intel chipsets since 2008. It’s basically a tiny computer-within-a-computer, with full access to your PC’s memory, display, network, and input devices. It runs code written by Intel, and Intel hasn’t shared a lot of information about its inner workings.

This software, also called Intel ME, has popped up in the news because of security holes Intel announced on November 20, 2017. You should patch your system if it’s vulnerable. This software’s deep system access and presence on every modern system with an Intel processor means it’s a juicy target for attackers.

Intel Management Engine Components concludes these programs:

  • Intel Management Engine Interface
  • Intel Dynamic Application Loader
  • Intel Identity Protection Technology
  • Intel Manageability Engine Firmware Recovery Agent
  • Local Management service
  • User Notification Service

Intel Management Engine Interface or IMEI is one of the main components of the VPRO Remote Access technology by Intel. VPRO is an umbrella term that refers to a collection of several computer hardware technologies that help in managing the PCs. These technologies provide security features and enable remote accessing to the PC including the management, monitoring and maintenance irrespective of the operating system state and PC power state as well. IMEI manages the processor’s input/output operations.

What exactly is IMEI?

Most of the people still remain confused with the term Intel Management Engine Interface as they have little knowledge of the computer hardware. So, here is a short definition of IMEI. Basically, it is an interface that uses the Intel ME hardware features to enable an interaction between high- and low-level hardware systems in a system. With this Intel feature, the administrators can now handle the tasks without intervention of the human beings. This has simplified various tasks in a computer system.
Is IMEI required in all systems?

Intel Management Engine Interface, is it needed?

In general, the newer the board/chipset (Intel 7 or 8 series), the more you need the IME software. It's not a Gigabyte driver, it is from Intel and does many underlying things that are difficult to explain. All of the chipset's features may not work until IME is installed. The Device Manager unknown device entry is a sign that IME is not installed.

Can I remove the Intel Management Engine driver and software?

I have never fully understood the purpose of this driver and software. My research just hasn't answered my questions. I installed it because it came with the ASRock motherboard CD and looked like it might be

If this is not needed, I would like to remove it. Can I remove this driver and any associated software??

Uninstall Intel Management Engine Components

There’s way to remove Intel Management Engine Components in manual process steps of course, but you must do it correctly step by step, and it’s quite difficult for a newbie.

  1. Make sure you have logged in the Save Mode of the computer.
  2. Log in your computer system as administrator.
  3. End task of Intel Management Engine Components
  4. Launch the Setting to run Windows default uninstallation;
  5. Go to the Register Editor to clean up the registry value of IME;
  6. Delete leftover file on computer;

Many people have problem, what to do? try Bloatware Uninstaller

Many people said they had problem to uninstall Intel Management Engine Components, or fail to remove it from computer, so you need a fast removal tool that easily get rid of Intel Management Engine Components in a short time for good.

Bloatware Uninstaller is actually such a helpful remover that works for any unwanted software in Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8.1/Windows 10 (32bit&64bit), so try it now.

Is it Safe to uninstall Intel Management Engine Components?

Step 1. Select the target.

Launch Bloatware Uninstaller, find out and select Intel Management Engine Components on the right hand list, then click “Run Analysis” button.

Step 2. Completely uninstall on it.

The Uninstaller will review the Intel Management Engine Components related files and registry entries, then click “Complete Uninstall” button, click “Yes” to start uninstalling it.

Step 3. Successfully removed the target.

Wait for the standard uninstall process completed. Click “Scan Leftovers” button. The Uninstaller has now fully uninstalled Intel Management Engine Components and deleted all its files and extensions. Click OK to finish.

For more details & information to completely uninstall Intel Management Engine Components, read this story now:

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