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Google Builds China Stuff to Develop Artificial Intelligence

Google Builds China Stuff

Google parent company Alphabet is hiring engineers in China to develop their Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, which means very clearly that they still want to pursue development here.

On the company's recruitment page, it has recently posted at least four AI-related jobs on its career site in Beijing, including a technical lead to develop a team to work on natural language processing, data compression and other machine learning technologies. there are at least 20 positions that work in Beijing, including engineering, marketing and product manager, two of the jobs are related to machine learning in Google's cloud-computing operation.

"China has a lot of data from mobile payments, gaming, social, search and news," said Kitty Fok, China managing director at consulting firm IDC. "Technology companies like Google are keen to learn what's going on and getting large amounts of data to create AI algorithms is very important to them."

Li Jia, head of the Google machine learning and artificial intelligence research and development division, had revealed some of the positions at a summit in wuzhen in May this year.

Recruiting machine learning positions include software engineers, technology executives and research scientists. They are also hire positions work in Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Google has been promoting its TensorFlow artificial intelligence tools for development in China.

In addition to Google, as the matter of fact, Facebook is likely return to China market as many people thought. Couple of months earlier, Facebook seemed to introduce a mobile app Colorful Balloons for testing with the help to create albums and share them with friends and family.

In fact, social network including Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter and Google search engine are banned from the country.

After all, can Google or Facebook succeed back to China? It’s still a mystery.

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