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Apple has 100% of iOS dominance. Apple charges 30% of revenue dividends of third party revenue. Pokémon Go, Nintendo’s mobile game, has become a hit recently. The Wall Street analyst predicted that this game might bring $ 3 billion Apple tax in two years.

Laura Martin, analyst of Needham, released a research report on Wednesday that Pokémon Go will bring Apple $3 billion dividends in 12 months to 24 months.

Pokémon Go is becoming popular around the world with a quick speed. As the quick increase of users, Nintendo has to slow down its path for global strategies. Its backstage server once was crashed as too many players applying this game.

The developers also sell all kinds of virutal goods inside Pokémon Go, such as Pokéballs. Apple charges fee from each of iOS user when he buys virutal goods.

It stimulates an active consumption inside Pokémon Go. Slice made a report that the consumption of Pokémon Go on July 10 accounted for 47% of overall American mobile games consumption.

Martin pointed out Pokémon Go encourages the consumption desire of mobile game players. Among the consumers who bought Pokémon Go virtual goods, 53% of them made no consumption in past 6 months. Pokémon Go is a great attraction to game players.

Pokémon Go has two editions, Android Pokémon Go and iOS Pokémon Go. So far, two-thirds of downloads are from iOS devices. Martin predicted the iOS users might contribute more game consumptions than Android users.

As Apple charges too much tax from third party developers, some developers criticized its policy and made other means to avoid being tax from Apple. Apple also made agreement that it would only charge 15% of dividend in the second year for those yearly third party app subscribers.

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