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Will Apple Release New Macbook Air Next Week?

Apple has sent invitation for October 27 release. The media guess what new products will Apple release this year. Lets see their opinions on the new releases.

Mac Air

First, new MacBook Pro will be lighter and thinner, equipped with a touch panel above keyboard. The touch panel will replace the functions of F1-F12 and their functions will be changed in accordance with different applications that users apply.

Second, Apple may do some updates to MacBook Air. MacBook Air has the longest life circle among Apple product lines.

Third, Apple may upgrade some hardware for iMac.

Apple laptops are seen everywhere. It is universal to see people use Apple laptops in pubic. You will be right if you consider Apple laptops share similar body designs. MacBook series have not been upgraded for body designs for a long time. This is why the public has so much passion for the release of October 27.

If you concern more about laptops published by other manufacturers in the market, you will find the most fashionable configuration are Intel i-series processor, USB-C port,OLED scren, 4K resolution and latest video card. It is obviously that previous Macbook out of date.

There may be new generation of MacBook Pro released next week. Apple upgraded MacBook earlier this year. It has fewer chance to be upgraded. However, Apple may upgrade its inner in-structure or adjust its selling price.

The 12-inch MacBook is sold at ¥9,288, while 13-inch MacBook Air is sold at ¥6,988. They have a great gap of prices. The consumers are expected new updates with higher performance devices.

Apple will reveal the news next week. Lets see how things go.

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