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How do you feel when you chat with Siri on your iPhones or iPads? What do you think you can also use Siri on your Mac computer? Report shows that Mac users would be able to chat with Siri in June this year, when Apple releases the next version of Mac OS X.

Siri is Apples voice assistant popping up on different Apple devices including iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches and the Apple TV. It is said that the voice assistant will be available the next version of OS X.

Resources showed that Apple has been testing versions of Mac OS X packaged with Siri since 2012. And the company will probably reveal the new version of OS X, i.e. OS X version 10.12 at its next annual Worldwide Developers Conference in June this year.

Mac users will be able to chat with Siri on Mac when Apple releases a public beta of OS X 10.12 after Worldwide Developers Conference. The official debut of Siri will be made when the new version of Mac OS X comes out in the autumn.

Siri will reside as an icon in Macs toolbar Menu on the top of the screen. You can play with Siri when you are clicking on the icon. With so many Mac users, Siri might enjoy great popularity. What Mac users can do with Siri on a Mac? Maybe one can not only ask Siri to browse on the website, but also to launch any application on the machine to carry out various orders, such as to shut down the machine, or to launch the uninstaller to uninstall unwanted applications on Mac. Theres potentially more.

However, to meet the demands of users, Apple is not the only one company to provide a voice assistant with its devices. Though Apples Siri is popular in the Apples devices, it still faces fierce competition for there are so many companies that also have their own voice assistants like Siri. That means when Sir is happy to say hi to the whole world, it has to compete with rivals such as Google Now on mobile devices, Microsofts Cortana on Windows 10 mobiles and PCs, Amazons Alexa and so on.

Anyway, are you ready to say Hello to your Siri on your Mac?

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