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Shopping Tips: How to Choose Suitcase

As suitcase becomes more and more popular for travel, business, studying abroad, many users would consider to buy a durable and fashionable suitcase. Here are some tips to help you select a most suitable suitcase for your self.


There are 3 standards of a good suitcase:

No.1 Trolley

When we choose a suitcase, we need to ensure the firmness of the trolley and the smooth when the trolley is pulled out. If your suitcase features a buttoned-trolley, you should check up whether the trolley can spring up quickly when you push the button. Next, you need to consider the material of the trolley. Trolley can be made of iron, aluminum or the iron upper and aluminum inner. In terms of the best material of trolley, it must be aluminum, which is light, solid, difficult to distort and always used for expensive suitcase. And the second material is iron upper and aluminum inner, and the whole iron is the interior.

No.2 Wheels

Firstly, you need to check if it is firm and if it is waggle. You can pull the suitcase for several steps to ensure the flexibility, moving ability, noise and the completeness of the wheels. Wheels are supposed to be important parts of a suitcase. Users had better to choose many skates or rubber wheels, because wheels are easy to be broken with impertinent movement on board. Next, you need to check if there is sheen on the upper of the wheels. Generally, the wheels made of raw material will show sheen, while the wheels which look rough with no sheen always made of recycle material and bad in quality.

No.3 Shell

The common materials of hardshell include ABS, PC and thermoplastic composite, and the softshell for the suitcase or luggage bags always made of oxford fabric or leather. ABS shell is formed by model, which is solid and , but is so hard and heavy. Compared to ABS, PC shell is softer and durable, while thermoplastic composite material is suppressed by shell and EVA, and then tailored by hundreds of procedures, which is generally light and functional. Leather suitcase is closed to the EVA suitcase in material, but the latter is more convenient when you want to clean the blot on the surface. Thus, users can consider EVA shell when selecting suitcase.
Beyond that, the data and the appearance must the other factors users think the most. Actually, in the same dimension, the lighter of the empty case the better. Similarly, the more of the bearing the better. For example, a 26” suitcase of 9.9 lbs capable with 396 lbs is better than a 24” suitcase of 11 lbs capable with 264 lbs. In addition, customers should pay attention to the details of the suitcase not merely the styles and vogue. You can touch the surface to check the smooth, the symmetry of the corners, and if there are cracks and scratches. If you like shopping online, you need to read the data and look the picture carefully, and refer to the review of other users.

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