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Lately, Microsoft introduced Windows 10 Mobile smartphone Lumia 650 to India. However, Microsofts suggested retail price for Lumia 650 is violated with its initial prediction. Nearly all of the local consumers felt angry with this price.

Users might purchase Lumia 650 between 1,300 yuan and 1,600 yuan via online shop in China. It seems unreasonable to set that price with its configuration as there are many home-made high quality smartphones produced. The home-made smartphones are even cheaper.

Speaking of its selling price at India, it charges about 1,612 yuan for a Lumia 650 standard edition in India based on the quoted price of Indian Amazon. It still charges about 1,568 with a discount. The local consumers complained a lot for its offer.

They dont expect to spend so much money for Windows Phone. The Indian consumers felt the Android smartphone offered at the same price is more attractive.

It is not wise to buy Lumia 650 at such price for such hardware configuration. Lumia 650 disappointed them except the body design. Its processor, applications and battery life donot meet consumers expectation. Whats more, consumers commented that the phone is burning when they play games on it.

Lumia 650 can not considered as a high-end smartphone in accordance with its configuration. It offers 8MP primary camera with LED flash, 2x zoom, HDR, 5-inch OLED HD multi-touch capacitive touchscreen, Windows 10 os with 1.3GHZ Qualcomm Snapdragon.

Consumers are able to buy more advanced smartphone with the same price for home-made brands smartphone.

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