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Audirvana Plus 3.1 Release: The Audiophile Music Player for Mac



Audirvana Plus is core Audio-powered music player with high-quality sound in Mac OS X, if you are a philharmonic, if you’d prefer perfect music experience on macOS, then try Audirvana Plus.

The latest of update of Audirvana is about new version was launched from offica: Audirvana 3.1 now enables to play to UPnP/DLNA network players to benefit from the great sound quality of Audirvana Plus even when the Mac is not directly connected to the audio system.

Speaking here, what do you think of Spotify, the most powerful online player in world, what do think compare to Audirvana Plus., which one do you prefer? The distingue differences between Spotify and Audirvana Plus I think are about the music content and objects, Audirvana Plus is major focus on creating relaxing and wonderful music environment for those who love music arts so much, while Spotify responses for all kinds of songs include the pop music. I don’t think these two music players are contradicting to each other. If you look for a player that both for Audio CDs and MP3 Songs, then try Audion, that’s a good choice, too.

If looking for a proper way to get rid of Audirvana Plus from Mac OS X, then you’d better learn this story.

The cord technologies in Audirvana Plus 3.1 have included three aspects: plays to UPnP/DLNA network players, optimizes Sound Quality and integrates the MQA Core Decoder.
Learned about its cord tech, then have a look on its detailed feature of how it works to philharmonic to bring a powerful and excellent music environment as it said in official.

The Ultimate Sound Quality

Bit- perfect playback—The DAC sample rate is automatically switched to the audio file original one to ensure unaltered signal is played.All internal processing is done using 64 bit precision to eliminate information loss due to rounding errors.

Shortest audio signal path—Advanced optimizations:

  • Audio device Exclusive Access
  • Direct Mode
  • Integer Mode

Full memory play—File loading, processing, converting to DAC native format are all done before playback to minimize any possible interference

Sysoptimizers— it can be configured to stop the OS X background services potentially interfering with sound quality, and give to Audirvana Plus the extreme priority during playback to ensure the maximum signal streaming precision.

In addition to the ultimate sound quality, there are also excellent features such as contain with most convenient library manager, playing all major file formats that allows you play all kind of music and remoting control app.

In short, Audirvana Plus 3.1 is no doubt a powerful and enjoyable music player on Mac, find more details in

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