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Apple iTunes becomes the most dangerous app in Windows

A recently survey from Secunia shows that Apples Windows application has exceeded over Java of Oracle, becoming the greatest risk source in American Windows PCs.

The reason is that many of the users knock out Java 7 due to the out-dated features rather than Oracel did specific update to Java.

The latest quarter report of Securnia shows the study of software security information in America and other 14 countries. Java 7 was no longer listed as the most dangerous software in the third quarter this year. This was the first time Java 7 not being listed as the dangerous software in the past four quarters.

Secunia did the survey based on how extensive for Javas user communities and how many users would ignore those patches when they find them.

QuickTime 7.x and iTunes 12.x are the most dangerous softwares in US Windows PCs concern software security information. Many users have these two apps, but only a small amount of them find the patches.

The report suggests QuickTime obtains 55% of US market share, and the reported patches are up to 18 and 61% of its users did not update to the latest QuickTime version. iTuness market share takes up 40%, 106 patches have been reported and 47% of users still use the old version.

From the report figure, Javas ranking drops to the fourth as Java 7 ended its life cycle in this April and many users started to use Java 8. Adobe Reader and Firefox are also in the list of Top 10.

Secunia also reported that about one in twenty programs among the US individual PCs came to an end of their life cycle. If the publishers no longer support patches, the users will fail to update the PC security issues. Then hackers can easily attack their computers.

Those 76 common softwares use in US PCs are from 27 different manufacturers. They have different upgraded regulations. Therefore, it brings inconvenience to PC users to repair those patches.

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