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14-Year Olds Hack ATM Easily With Online Manual


According to the Edmonton Journal, Winnipeg Bank of Montreal ATM was hacked by two fourteen year old boys via the manual they found online during the lunch break last Wednesday, and the key they did that job so easily is because BMO’s machine still use the factory default passwords which presented on the manual.

With the help of the information on the manual they found online, the two boys were able to get into the administrator mode of an ATM, and saw how much case was in the machine, how many transactions it had been handled, and other off-limited information, but luckily, they cannot withdraw the money and saw the personal backing account information in details.

After finding this backing security problem, the two high-schoolers took this news to a nearby BMO branch, but their finding was not believed by the staff, so they had to get proof and howed the detailed printouts from the ATM. Finally, the BMO branch manager started to resolve this problem and reported to the bank’s security department. Although there have been not any customer’s private information exposed or money being withdrew for that reason, it is a big lesson for the the bank to enhance their backing’s security situation, because this is very important for the safety of their customers’ property.

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